Suicide Prevention Day:

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September 10, 2021

As i find out what today is I have to wonder if today was placed directly before 9/11 for a reason. So many lost so much on that horrible day. As someone who lost my mother to suicide one day when I was 15, I know all too well how one day can change your whole life forever.

This is such a horribly heartbreaking situation that most don’t know how to talk about it, but not talking about it brings devisating consciousness. Yes the act in done in a moment but the sickness before hand is often seen for years before someone actually passes from suicide.

Signs that someone may be suicidal:

severe mood swings.

sleeping a lot/not sleeping much.

Extremly withdrawal.

substance abuse.

talking about suicide.

making plans for their death.

giving stuff away.

changes in physical behavior.

if you see these signs in someone you know please don’t “sweep it under the rug.” I know people sometimes shy away from situations they don’t understand. Or from situations they know are inconvenient. If you know someone that might be suicidal and can’t help personally please pass the information off to someone who might be able to help.

Please always remember that people who have lost other’s to suicide or who have faced a severe trauma are more likely to die from the disease.

Paul says in Ephesians 6:12:

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

I believe that suicide is a demonic spirit that can be passed down through generations. We need to realize what we were dealing with when trying to help fight this force away.

I know from experience that finding a true relationship with Jesus Christ, meaningful and lasting relationships, and a purpose for one’s life can help make all the difference.

If you or a loved one needs help you can reach out to the National Lifeline prevention hotline, to a local church or you can always message me at

I will be happy to help myself.

God bless you all! Let’s wrap our arms around our brothers and sisters that are hurting and not just for one day.

September 10th- Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

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I will never forget going to the funeral of a 19 year old girl. She completed suicide only two weeks before she was supposed to start college. She had been in an emotionally abusive relationship and the young man abruptly broke up with her. Her family and friends were devastated. She had been in my mentoring group for young people from Vietnam. All of them went on to college except her. It was a tragedy.

Out of the group one became a doctor, several became pharmacists, a few became nurses, one is an architect, one is a CPA, others engineers, but I still think about her. I lost track of her during the year before she died. She had quit coming to our group.

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The emotional distress people who attempt or complete suicide is difficult for many to understand. There can be any number…

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America is making me sicker!

One of the many pharmacy’s in Mexico where you can get your medication.

If the time ever comes when you or a loved one becomes chronically ill get ready for the hits to keep on coming.  Not only is it a horrible toll on your body and mind daily but it also hits your finances constantly.

If you are living in America one doctors visit will cost you on average $100 or more. This is for a simple 15 minute visit with a PCP (primary care physician). If you need to see a specialist this price will jump up to $450. This does not include the ongoing cost for tests, treatment and medication.

I am chronically ill and live in American so I have received my treatment there.  I have been going through the motions most of my life never really thinking that there were other options for my treatment. Never really thinking that there was another way to do things.

One week several months ago I was almost out of an important medication and I was not hearing back from the doctor’s office for a refill. If this happens there is little you can do in America. You can continue to reach out to the doctor’s office and pray they call you back before you run out of your medicine. You can go see a new doctor witch will cost you a new patient fee or you can go sit at a hospital for 8 plus hours hoping they might help you and write you a refill.

This particular time my friend and I decided to go to Mexico and get the medication. We knew that over there we would not have to deal with the same red tape you do in America. There is no back and forth between you, the pharmacy and the doctor’s office when you need a refill. You just go inside the pharmacy and buy your medicine. What a concept!

The prices on the medication are also incredible in Mexico. Prices on medication in America are over 250% higher than anywhere else in the world.  I am just blown away by all the difference in healthcare I am seeing between America and the rest of the world.

We are told that America has the best medical treatment in the world but this is not what I am seeing. The medication I get in America does not seem any better. The tests I get in America are not more thorough and the treatment I receive from the doctor’s is definitely not better. The only difference here that I see so far is the price.

Insulin for example can cost many patients in America over $700 a month. You take those same patients to Mexico and they can leave there with all the insulin for one month for under $50.00.

Prices per standard unit of Insulin, based on 2018 prices.

This does not just go for diabetic medication this goes for anything. I was recently extremely sick and I thought I was gonna actually loose my life but did not go to an American doctor out of fear that they would not help me. (This has happened one too many times.) I was laying at home getting sicker but did not know what to do. Even though I live where the so called “best” doctor’s in the world are i still did not know where to go to get treatment.

After about a week into being sick my friend asked me if I wanted to go see a doctor in Mexico. We had some other friends going anyway so we decided to go. It was a 6 hour drive early one Sunday morning. Honestly, i felt so bad I’m not sure how I even made it there but I did. I remember feeling like I was gonna be sick to my stomach the whole time and felt like I was gonna loose consciousness many other times. I remember I just kept telling myself to just get through the next moment. Not to think to far ahead.

When we got to Mexico we found a small hospital and signed in. Remember, this was a Sunday so options were limited.

The staff called me back within 30 minutes and the doctor was waiting to greet us. We told him what was going on and he gave me an exam. He heard something on my left lung so he send me for an x-ray. This was not some massive undertaking like in America. It was a small room right down the hall with a machine and technician.

She got right to work and did the x-ray. As soon as she was done she sent us back to the doctor with a disc in hand. He looked at the disc of the x-ray with us in the room. He discussed what he saw and what he thought was going on. He wrote out a list of medications and even administrated a steroid shot right there. He had my husband walk to the building pharmacy and buy the injection and bring it back so his nurse could administer it.

My friend was suffering a bit with the illness too so he went ahead and got seen while we were there and received an injection as well.

No Insurance necessary!!!

All in all with the shots(2), x-ray, disc of x-ray, doctor’s visit for 2 and prescriptions we spent under $35 USD. Then we got, i believe, 8 medications at the pharmacy. When you add everything together we paid about $100 for everything. No insurance necessary!

This was not a 5 minute visit either. We took about an hour of this doctor’s time. That hardly happens with a doctor in America. Most of the doctor’s are in the business of flipping patients as fast as possible.

This kind of treatment and cost is something badly needed in America. These experiences with Mexican healthcare have really opened my eyes to getting medical treatment outside of the U.S.

Just because we are use to something, does not mean it is the best/only option.

I will continue to get medication and treatment in other places. I don’t want to replace America healthcare 100% but rather use treatment from other countries to make my personal healthcare the best it can be. Before I had limitations on what healthcare I had access to but I’m finding out that does not have to be the case. Just because we are use to something, does not mean it is the best/only option.

I encourage you to explore your personal options. Traveling to others places in the world can be much cheaper than you ever expected. Especially if you plan it out.

God bless you and your family!

WeakbecomeStrong is also available in Spanish.

What does being a lukewarm Christian look like?

To truly have a genuine walk (one that continues to grow) with God you have to make sure reading the Bible and praying are at the center of your life.

A lukewarm Christian is someone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ but does not live in the way that God calls us to live. They live as everyone else who is of the world and unsaved. Differently than unbelievers, Lukewarm Christians do things falsely in the “name of Jesus,” so that, It appears as though they are actually followers of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 5:13-16 

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

They might attend church regularly but they live by their own standards and rarely apply what they learn from church. Attending church for them  is not about gaining salvation or a personal relationship with God for the lukewarm Christian. It’s about giving to God what is convenient but still letting the flesh lead them. This type of believer does not have their mind made-up as to who they serve.  Mostly this type of believer serves the world, but God on Sunday mornings.

James 1:8 

He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

I pray that this examination of lukewarm Christians does not come across as a tool to judge others. Rather my prayer is that it is used as a tool for self-examination. Salvation is the most important thing that we can ever hope to gain.

If you find that you have characteristic of a lukewarm Christian, my prayer is that you get on your knees and keep praying for the spirit or God to make you a fully new creation. Pray that you are truly more like Christ everyday and less like yourself. Pray that not only can you see and feel the difference but that the world can see it too. I pray that people be drawn to you because they see something unique in you and in learning about what sets you apart they learn about Jesus Christ in a positive light and not under a cloud of hypercritical actions like so many allow.

Matthew 6:24

 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

When we live as lukewarm Christians we do harm to the body of Christ. The nonbelievers watch the Christians and  waits for us to mess up, and when we do they will quickly throw it in our faces. This makes them feel better about there sin but more importantly this causes the nonbelievers to put even more distance between them and God.

The fact of the matter is this: Christians really do need to protect the name of Christ. We need to be concerned about appearances.

1 Thessalonians 5:22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

Questions you can ask yourself to see where you need to put in the work so you are not operating like a luckwarm christian. Rather you are operating as a full believer, one that is passionately in love with God.

1. Why do you attend church?

Are you there to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ? Are you there to be of service to God by being an active member of the body of Christ? Are you there to get closer to your fellow believer? These would all be great reasons to attend church.

You should also ask yourself, “is there any difference in me since my first day at church and now?”Are the fruits that I’m producing any different? Are my priority’s different than they were when i started this journey of following Jesus Christ?

If we are to be set apart we need to be vigilant in all that we do. Being a true believer in Christ takes hard work and lots of change. One cannot truly follow Christ and stay the same. If you are not seeing gradual changes in every aspect of you life then something is wrong.

This is when i would truthfully re-examine things such as  your prayer life, this is  your one on one time with God. Re-examine your scripture reading time, your daily reading consumption of the word of God. I would also suggest re-examining your life as well.

This includes things such as friends/family, entertainment content of every kind, how you spend your down time, what owns you (God or stuff)?This one is harder than the first two things but it is extremely necessary in your walk with Christ.These are just a few scenarios that you will be faced with.

The genuine believe is also excited to be at church. They do not have to be drug there week after week.


The lukewarm Christian

Church was never meant to be a place for social gatherings or a place  to build onto your social status and appearance.

A lot of people treat Church like it’s a social function  like a weekly soccer game or a family outing. All the while never knowing or realizing why they are actually attending church. Then, because they Don’t realize the true purpose of church.. They are never actually seeing any benefit from going.

They do not focus there time on learning about what the word says or take advantage of the chance to  develope a closer relationship with God himself.

We need to make sure that we are not living like lukewarm christians. This can do so much damage to the kingdom of God.

Matthew 12:30

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters

If we live as true believers and not just lukewarm Christians we will be able to truly show the world what the love and character of Jesus Christ is really like instead of scattering because of our hypocritical behavior.

2.  Has your life changed since you started following Christ?

Is your life constantly changing since you began your walk with Christ? One cannot truly follow Christ and stay the same. This happens because we are baptized and reborn. This means we become a new creation. When we are born again and receive the gift of the holy spirit we began to be sanctified. This is a process of purification. Believers are to throw off everything that hinders their walk with God and persevere towards him. These are things that must absolutely be part of your Christian walk if it is genuine.

The process of sanctification takes deliberate work and effort on our part. If you are not changing anything that is  ungodly in you life. It might be because you need to gain a stronger prayer and scripture reading routine. Then put more effort into changing the ungodly around you. Then transformation really does grab us and it is beautiful.

3. Are you sensitive to sin in your life?

Have you changed what you allow into your life? Either directly or indirectly? When we are lukewarm christians we go to church and we believe but it is only the belief of an infant Christian.

When we transform into a true followed of Jesus Christ we become sensitive to sin all around us and no longer are blind to things that are ungodly and do us harm.

One example that may seem small, but isn’t at all, is watching movies and shows full of things such as sex and violence. The bible says we need to glorify God in all that we do.

1 Corinthians 10:31

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

So how is watching sin glorifying him when he hates sin? Brothers and Sisters this is such a sneaky tool the enemy uses to steal our time while simultaneously he desensitizes us to sin. He gets us use to things like bad language, sex and violence. They then slowly start to become part of our social norm. He is clever like that and we just hand him our salvation.

The lukewarm Christian will not notice this yet, a true follower will be vigilant in sanctification and start to pull away from these things.

4. Do you have a prayer life that is full of repentance and confession

A lukewarm Christians prayer life is usually marked by prayers centered around “me”. These types of prayers are usually asking God for things to help oneself.

When your walk with God starts to transform and become more about him and less about us,we start asking for our heavenly father to use us in service for his kingdom.

Our prayer life will become full of thanks, repentance and confession. Then because of that two way honest communication, our bond with our heavenly father will transform. Then we will begin to ask for God’s will be done.

If we have a strong prayer life with honest one on one prayer with our heavenly father along with an increasing desire to read the word of God we will see the desires of our heart start to change. If we are not doing these two things how can we expect anything to change?

If we are deliberate about our sanctification we will see ourself truly become a new creation with Jesus Christ as the light shining through us. We will feel it and the world will see it.

Again, please brother’s and sister’s let’s use this as a tool to help us examine ourselves and grow nearer to God. Let’s not use it as a tool to judge others because that will definitely put distance between us and him.

John 15:12

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

Our heavenly father wants us to do better and encourage one another. Not cause division amongst one another. Please lets operate in peace and love. Corinthians 16:14: Do everything in love. I invite you to join me in making each of these truths your prayer as you grow more into the image of Christ. I will be adding to this post in my next couple of writing. I hope and pray we meet there. God bless you all!

About me:

My name is Jamee. I live in Houston Tx. I have started Weak Become Strong because of my testimony. I have been through many things in life, some were done to me and some i helped do to myself. Either way our heavenly father brought me though it the same. I feel as though our experiences through hard times should not just remain with us but rather be shared with one another. This way we drawl strength from one another and always give God the glory.

This blog is about my experiences and what I have figured out along the way but more than that it is about his greatness. It’s about how he goes above and beyond for us each and evey time even though we keep failing him.

I truly believe in the power of change when we are born again and receive the holy spirit. My main focus on this site is how we can show God we are grateful to him by being obedient to him and by developing a strong relationship with him.

I would love to grow in this journey together and share knowledge about the Bible and our Lord and savior.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.