Weak Become Strong

  • Suicide Prevention Day:
    September 10, 2021 As i find out what today is I have to wonder if today was placed directly before 9/11 for a reason. So many lost so much on that horrible day. As someone who lost my mother to suicide one day when I was 15, I know all too well how one day can change your whole lifeContinue reading “Suicide Prevention Day:”
  • September 10th- Suicide Prevention Awareness Day
    Originally posted on Jesusluvsall's Blog:
    I will never forget going to the funeral of a 19 year old girl. She completed suicide only two weeks before she was supposed to start college. She had been in an emotionally abusive relationship and the young man abruptly broke up with her. Her family and friends were devastated. She had been in…
  • America is making me sicker!
    If the time ever comes when you or a loved one becomes chronically ill get ready for the hits to keep on coming.  Not only is it a horrible toll on your body and mind daily but it also hits your finances constantly. If you are living in America one doctors visit will cost you on average $100 or more.Continue reading “America is making me sicker!”
  • What does being a lukewarm Christian look like?
    A lukewarm Christian is someone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ but does not live in the way that God calls us to live. They live as everyone else who is of the world and unsaved. Differently than unbelievers, Lukewarm Christians do things falsely in the “name of Jesus,” so that, It appears as though they areContinue reading “What does being a lukewarm Christian look like?”
  • About me:
    My name is Jamee. I live in Houston Tx. I have started Weak Become Strong because of my testimony. I have been through many things in life, some were done to me and some i helped do to myself. Either way our heavenly father brought me though it the same. I feel as though our experiences through hard times shouldContinue reading “About me:”